Floreat Wandsworth Shopping Bags 2018

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The perfect Mother's Day gift for you, Granny, Auntie, Nanny, Childminder or any other important person in your child's life! We have created some lovely customised Floreat Wandsworth bags decorated with handprints and self-portraits by the children - a different bag for each year group. We are selling these for £6.50 per bag, with all profits going to Friends of Floreat Wandsworth. You can use this link to order and pay for your bags. Please include the name/s of your child/ren, their year level/s, and the number of bags in the comments section. If you have children in more than one year level, please also state how many bags per year level you would like. The final date for orders is Thursday 8th February, so that the bags will arrive in time for Mother's Day. Please note we cannot guarantee that any orders received after this date will be able to be fulfilled. We cannot accept Gift Aid for this fundraiser, so please do not tick this box. Many thanks!

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Laura Hargrave
09 Feb, 2018

Lawrence abeygunawardana Keller class

Christopher Stirling
08 Feb, 2018

Angus Stirling - Year 1 - 3

Sarah Greig
08 Feb, 2018

Freddie Greig: 4 bags: Year 2

Harriet Johnson      Top Donor     
05 Feb, 2018

Jemima Johnson - Mandela Yr1 x 4 George Johnson - Nightingale Nursery x 4

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