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We invite the local community to explore their own creativity through interactive art installations and participatory workshops. Forest of Imagination provides opportunities for local artists, musicians, designers, architects and students to showcase their work, drawing attention to particular environmental issues relevant to Bath and to heighten a sense of nature within the city environment.

Why they need our service

Forest of Imagination needs your help to nurture creativity and nature for all. We believe, and research shows, that creativity and imagination can enhance wellbeing and transform lives. Fostering creativity in the next generation is also critical to the sustainable growth of innovative businesses.

Plan and expected results

We aim to engage people of all ages, particularly families, children and young people with the contemporary arts, architecture, the environment and design. The event is free and all are welcome.

We welcome any amount to help our creative cause and you can donate up to £1000 online - over that we would like to invite you to speak to the team, please email


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materials for workshops


2 days of artists' time


creative installations for schools and the community

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