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Trans healthcare and rights in the UK at the moment are, to put it politely, steaming garbage, so I decided that I should try and help where I can.

Gendered Intelligence is a registered charity providing support and education around gender across the UK. They are a trans-led, trans-inclusive grassroots organisation, using their lived experience and community knowledge to offer youth work, training and consultancy that are second to none. They believe in creating open and non-judgemental spaces for discussion so that everybody can explore their identities and learn about the diverse range of gender expressions and identities that make up the world - more info can be found on their website,

My friends shall attempt to found a kingdom on unclaimed land, via monthly sessions of Pathfinder's Kingmaker module streamed on Twitch, and I will attempt to playfully thwart them. There will be drama and spooks and fun!

Specific donation amounts and effects are listed here, but if you're not familiar with tabletop games or just want to donate that is more than fine! I will turn any non-specific donations into a pool of re-rolls that the party can use.

Donation Effects:

- Give any player a piece of mundane adventuring equipment, such as a healing potion or a coil of rope, worth up to 50g
£5 -
Give any player, or the DM, a re-roll to use during their game (please comment "Reroll - Name" with your donation).
£10 - Give any player, or the DM, a critical success or instant failure. 


Event Details

Gendermaker - a Kingmaker Stream for Gendered Intelligence

I will be running the Kingmaker pre-written module of Pathfinder First Edition, with all donations being given to Gendered Intelligence. Donations during the stream will have effects on the game, allowing chat, players and the DM to seize victory from the jaws of defeat - or just have a coil of rope just in time!

Gendered Intelligence

London | Community Support & Development

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Gendered Intelligence is a trans-led charity enhancing understanding of gender diversity and improving trans lives through services, education, and policy influence.

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Gendermaker - a Kingmaker module stream

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