Massive dive out of my comfort zone

A fundraising project by Georgia Evans

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On June 2nd 2018 I will be taking a plunge out of my comfort zone by doing a 12,000 ft Skydive. Yes I know you think i'm crackers, but hopefully if you chose to support me this will make a difference to children & young people who are living with, experiencing or fleeing domestic abuse.
At NDAS part of our service supports theses young people but on a one to one basis we have very limited resource and we strive to provide more. Through support, and as we say every penny counts we hope to change this.
We also provide awareness raising, training to professional to equip them to be able to support these children and young people with better understanding and empathy of domestic abuse. Programmes around health and unhealthy relationships, drama and group work are just some of the many ways in which we support these CYP.
Our CYP service ethos is to prevent and repair.