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On Sunday 1st October 2023 I will be taking on the challenge of running the Cardiff Half Marathon for Gig Buddies Cymru.

Do you believe that everyone has the right to go to gigs and events that they love and most importantly have fun? For many people with a learning disability this is impossible. Please continue reading to see how you could change this.

Gig buddies Cymru matches people with a learning disability with someone without a learning disability who shares the same interests, so they can go to gigs and events together. 

Not only do people get to enjoy their time by going to events they enjoy, they gain a friend in the process. Having a Gig Buddy can help with loneliness and isolation, one’s health and well-being and increase a persons confidence and independence. These are all factors that have a big impact on someone with a learning disability and help them to lead a more fulfilling life.

If you are able to, I would be really grateful if you could donate a small amount of money through my fundraising page to help Gig Buddies Cymru continue their amazing work. Everyone deserves the right to have fun!  

Thank you!


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Cardiff Half Marathon

The Cardiff Half Marathon is an annual half marathon race held in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff, taking place in October.

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