Gina, Charity Sky Dive for MK YMCA

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Hi I am Gina,

I really like helping people. I work with all sorts of people, a lot of which have barriers that can range from mental to physical and environmental issues.

One of the most gratifying parts of my work is when a customer I have worked with, achieves something they thought they were incapable of doing.

There are two reasons for me wanting to do this Sky Dive:

FIRST and FOREMOST: is to raise money and awareness for the Milton Keynes YMCA. They are a non profit charity organisation that provides supported housing for vulnerable and homeless people in Milton Keynes and also emergency accommodation for people in crisis which is much needed in this area.

SECONDLY: it is purely selfish as it is something I have always wanted to me crazy I don't mind :-) ... and it is also quite high on my 'BUCKET LIST'....

What better way to do it than to help raise money for a worthy charity in the process.

Please donate and help me reach and also exceed my fundraising target.

Thanking you in advance.

Gina :-)