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HYPE Urban Bikes have always been passionate about the potential biking has to make life better for people. Today we are currently working with hundreds of people and many diverse communities who share our passion and want to create a cycling culture.

We will be making cycling cheaper, safer, more accessible, and a natural choice for as many people as possible.

Aims of HYPE Urban Bikes
Supporting people in the community with their mental health and well-being. 
Educating people in the community on becoming safe, competent and confident cyclists.
Helping to reduce the carbon footprint.
Educating participants on life skills.
Engaging communities to work together to make a difference.
Provide a progressive pathway for volunteers, leaders and young people.



Birkenhead | Community Support & Development


What your gift could provide


Enable us to purchase a new helmet for a child


Enable us to refurbish 2 recycled bikes with new brake and gear cables


Enable us support a group of 5 children on a bike trip locally, includes a packed lunch and drinks

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HYPE Urban Bikes

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