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Who we are
At Include Youth, our vision is of a society that realises and fulfils the rights and potential
of all children and young people. We have over 40 years’ experience of working with care
experienced young people and young people from disadvantaged communities. 

We are a rights-based charity for children and young people in or leaving care, from disadvantaged communities or whose rights are not being met. We work to improve employability, personal and social
development enhancing inclusion, integration and good relations. We influence public policy
led by the voice of children and young people, evidence-based practice and International
children’s rights standards.

Who we work with: 
We work with young people aged 14-24 and provide services regionally throughout Northern
Ireland and the border counties. 
We support young people with care experience, from disadvantaged communities, unaccompanied minors and young people seeking asylum. Many of the young people we work with would have experience of poor mental health, substance misuse, or have been in contact with the justice system and struggle with confidence and self-worth. 


Include Youth

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What your gift could provide


Lunch for a young person


This will pay for a young person's travel to and from class each week


Accredited qualification for a young person

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