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Womankind has set up a new 'Instant Messaging' web based chat service alongside our telephone Helpline. This is targeted at young women and Deaf/hard of hearing women with mental health problems, using trained and supervised volunteers. We have been awarded start up costs by one local trust, and funding for 40% of the running costs for 2 years by another trust; We are also grateful to Lizzie Spencer who did a sponsored swim for us. We now need your help to develop and expand this project!

Why they need our service

Mental health issues among young women are much in the news currently and research (e.g. by the University of Liverpool) has shown the significant rise in depression. Locally, The Vital Signs report on Mental Health prepared by Quartet Community Foundation states that Bristol has above average rates of hospital admissions for self-harm among children and young people.

Plan and expected results

The Instant Messaging service enables more vulnerable young women to access early support from Womankind, which may prevent the development of greater or more enduring mental health problems. The outcomes reported by the women we help include improved mental health and well-being, increased confidence and self-esteem, improved coping skills and ability to function, increased knowledge/ability to access resources or services when needed, and a reduced risk of harm to themselves or others.


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