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To launch this pioneering movement, we are hosting a performance and exhibition held in the Commonwealth Games Legacy Centre on the 12th of May. We will then create an advisory board made up of experts from each of these fields to join the dots. They will then take this project forward.

Why they need our service

Join the Dots is a campaign endeavouring to bring services together and to fund and build a creative holistic support centre in Glasgow. This is a reaction to the lack of services for those suffering with mental health, which leaves people to end up in psychiatric hospitals or prisons. Informed by our years of experience, as Theatre Nemo, working with people in this situation we identified this as a desperate need in our city.

Plan and expected results

Our aim is to demonstrate to potential supporters the need for a creative holistic centre through the testimonies of people who have experience with the system. We will gather evidence to present to the government to bring about real change from partnership working.


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