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Reading seems so prosperous that many people might find it hard to imagine there are desperately deprived families here. But in 2016, 24% of Reading's children were living in poverty - that's 10,181 children (source: The End Child Poverty Coalition).

Reading Family Aid works hard to provide relief for families living in poverty by providing gifts at Christmas time through our annual Toy Project and providing trips throughout the year so that these families can visit places they may otherwise miss out on. Trips that many of us take for granted, a day at the Zoo, a trip to the beach, just aren't possible for many of these people. Hard to imagine your child not having the opportunity to paddle in the sea isn't it.

All the families referred to us are in genuine need. We aim to offer them some relief from the harsh day-to-day realities of their lives - some of the extras that social services and other agencies just can't provide.

We are a volunteer led charity which runs on maximum community spirit and minimum costs helping people in the Greater Reading area.