4x4x48 Challenge for the Kingston Foodbank

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'In a world that is so divided, this is an opportunity to bring people together for the common goal of promoting physical and mental health as well as supporting many amazing charitable causes!'

Starting on Saturday March 6th, at 4am I will be running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours based on the David Goggins Annual Challenge of 4x4x48.
I wish to do this to raise money and awareness for my local foodbank which is based in Kingston.
Due to the current climate, the foodbanks require more donations than ever and with your help we can help our local communicaty by supplying them with more food to distribute to those in need.

Thank you for your support and see you around the neighbourhood...

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Jac Rider
26 Feb, 2021

Run Gary, Run. But don't flip pancakes at the same time

Anonymous donor
20 Feb, 2021

Have fun, Geri!

Timothy Blythe
19 Feb, 2021

Good luck


Gary's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 71 days.

Ben Dover      Top Donor     
13 Feb, 2021

Lehet futok velegy majd egyet

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Gary is fundraising for Kingston Foodbank (Doxa Deo Community Church)

Hidden hunger is a real issue in Kingston today; we provide emergency food to local people in crisis
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