A Life Raft For Kenny Dean

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Kenny Dean is an unassuming, genuine, private family man. Proud dad to Ava (6) and Alice (4) and long term life partner to the love of his life - Amy. Kenny was taken ill in august 2017 with sickness and stomach pain, he was admitted into hospital for a scan and was shocked to hear that he had a tumor in his small intestine. He was told that he would have an operation followed by 6 rounds of chemo. The initial shock of the diagnosis was silver lined by the optimism of the medical team who hinted that they could deal with this level of the disease. In April 2018 he was refereed for HiPec surgery. Kenny had a really positive mindset ahead of his treatment but when the surgeons opened him up they were taken a back to find two more tumors. The disease had undeniably and tragically spread. The surgeons removed everything that they could during a risky nine hour operation. Kenny was in intensive care for one week and in hospital a further two followed by many weeks back and forth for further tests and treatments which was a very stressful and unproductive time in the face of setback after setback. Since then cancer has taken on a very aggressive form and in a relatively short period of time Kenny been smashed to pieces by the cancer and by the treatment leaving him a physical shadow of the man that we know. Mentally and spiritually he is also on his last reserves. Non of us can really comprehend how hard it is for such a proud man to feel that everything is slipping away right before his beloved family. Kenny has just started his next round of chemo but it is very much a trial run because he is so weak that they are not sure that he will be able to take it. If this doesn't work Kenny would like to try an incredible alternative approach to cancer treatment 'mistletoe therapy' Extract of the mistletoe plant treatment can be extremely life prolonging. Let us bring hope, love and funding to this family and give him a chance. 8k is a Life-Raft launch. Please give love. x

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Anonymous donor
28 Jul, 2018
Luisa Gonzalez
13 Jul, 2018

Hi We are thinking of you all. From Luisa and Jacque (staff at Our Lady's)

Amy Yates
06 Jul, 2018

Thinking of you and your family xx Amy

Andy Clarke      Top Donor     
12 Jun, 2018

Keep strong Clarkey, Caz, Orla,Patrick

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