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This year I'm taking on a bigger and scarier challenge than I've ever done before, the Royal Windsor Triathlon. 
Although I've done some runs and climbed a few mountains over the years, this one feels by far and away the least achievable situation I've put myself in. There are several reasons for this:
1. People like me can't do things like that
2. Plagued by ear infections as a child, I never learned to swim
3. I was a fair weather commuter cyclist...SIX years ago
4. I'm really not that fit, I don't have a six pack!

However, recently I've realized (yes, only recently) that these things are all in the mind, and comfort zones are there to be left behind. So, onwards I run, swim and cycle into battle with this year's mission.

The Reasons Why Foundation is a small but mighty London charity working tirelessly to provide personalized mentoring and support to people in, and leaving prison. 44% of adults leaving prison are re-convicted within the first year of their release. However, out of the 628 people that the RWF have helped, only 32 are known to have re-offended. Given that the annual estimated cost of re-offending is in excess of £10.6 billion, it is very easy to see the financial benefit of RWF's work. 

However, their work is about far more than money. This is about people. Leaving prison is scary. Whether you've served months or years, being re-introduced into the world is both liberating and perplexing, and it's not surprising that re-offending rates are so high when the support given by the state is minimal, but the temptations of a previous and familiar life are everywhere. RWF works with people on a 1-1 basis to address the causes of their crime, supporting them to break negative cycles, and to build the life that they want for themselves. Please give generously to support the vital work that the Reasons Why Foundation, and, please check out their website for more info. They really are worth following:

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Sarah Hannam-deeming
02 Jul, 2019


Patricia Jones
24 Jun, 2019

Well done Lizzie. Love from Trishxx

Robin Hill
17 Jun, 2019

Well Done Lizbot!

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The first thing we do, is listen. For many of our clients, this is the 1st time they've been heard.
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750m swim 20km cycle 5km run


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