#LlaisAwards Fundraiser for Cardiff Foodbank

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Hanna Hopwood griffiths
02 Jul, 2021

Diolch Llio xxx

Amber Lort-phillips
02 Jul, 2021

Heulwen Davies      Top Donor     
01 Jul, 2021


Heulwen's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 5 days.

Heulwen Davies      Top Donor     
01 Jul, 2021

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Heulwen is fundraising for Cardiff Foodbank

We provide food for people in Cardiff who are facing a financial crisis.
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About #LlaisAwards - Gwobrau Llais Cymru i Ferched Cymru Mewn Busnes

Noson wobrwyo Llais Cymru ar gyfer merched Cymru mewn busnes, 2021. Yn ystod y noson byddwn yn gwahodd y merched i roi cyfraniad i'r Banc Bwyd fel diolch am y coctel #LlaisAwards sydd wedi ei ddatblygu'n arbennig ar gyfer y noson gan Llio Angharad. Llais Cymru's Welsh Women in Business Awards 2021. As part of the event, women will be invited to donate to Cardiff Foodbank as a thankyou for the #LlaisAwrds Cocktail developed by Llio Angharad. Visit www.llaiscymru.wales for more information


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