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We all know an old person. Some of us are them. Magic Me is a brilliant charity that organises monthly social events for older people in 12 care homes around London. They work with a bunch of volunteers who visit care homes during the evenings when there’s usually nothing going on and throw cocktail parties for the residents. Most of the residents can’t leave the care homes to just pop down the pub, so Magic Me brings the pub to them! Often they don’t have close family members or visitors, so it gives them an evening to socialise with each other and the younger volunteers whilst having a few drinks. Watch this quick video and you’ll see the great work they do. More info on Magic Me is here: I’m running three marathons in the next three months and it’s going to suck, so please give what you can to this brilliant charity. The Marathon dates are: Seville 25th February 2018 Paris 8th April 2018 London 22nd April 2018 You have until the end of April to donate, and I WILL keep hounding until then, so you might as well get it over with and send over some hard cash now. Much love Robbie x

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Heather Peters
29 Apr, 2018

Well done.

Beccy Ward
27 Apr, 2018

Real proud of you, mate!

Adam Bradley
24 Apr, 2018

Luke Shires      Top Donor     
12 Feb, 2018

Great charity project! It's like Dirty Poodles on tour! Run safely! xx

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Magic Me: an arts charity bringing generations together to reduce social isolation and loneliness
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