Help for Vietschool by Nam Le !

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Hello my name is Nam Le and I'm a senior student at the school age 10. We would need some money for rent because maybe we won't be able to rent the youth center and all of our Vietschool members would be really upset if it shut down.
This school helps people learn Vietnamese in a really fun way and all students love learning about it. We also need money to make some food there. The lovely parents of the Vietschool members have kindly offered to make food there so people don't need to wait for a long time until their lunch because people from Vietschool live in all kinds of place like me Iive in Sidcup which is around a 30 minutes drive.It would be a shame if the school needs to close down because it's such a loving community and everyone loves coming here.

I would at least want to raise 3,000 pounds but if we could reach to 5,500 pounds that would be lovely.

Thank you if you donate and have a good day Nam Le.