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UPDATE: I RAN 200 MILES in the GB Ultra from Saturday 19th August to Wednesday 23rd August 2017. I had 100 hours to cover this mileage in and did it in less than 88 hours. --- I will be super motivated as once again I am raising money for RSVP, the rape crisis service covering Birmingham and Solihull. As many of you know, this cause is close to my heart and I am Chief Executive there. I use my ultra running to highlight the amazing work that we do at RSVP, to fundraise for them and to give a message to victims and survivors that once you are empowered you can do anything that you set your heart to. RSVP supports children (the youngest child we've seen was 2) and adults of all genders, who have been subjected to rape, sexual violence, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, at any stage in their life. RSVP supports and inspires people to live a future with hope and confidence so they can overcome and thrive after the sexual trauma they have experienced. RSVP is open seven days a week providing compassionate, confidential and free support. We rely on donations and have to fundraise to secure every penny that we need. We are grateful for every donation made, however small it might seem, as we know that every penny and pound can make a difference, as summed up by these words from one of the real survivors we have supported: "Thank you for everything, every interaction, every kind word, and every piece of advice that your team have given me they have clearly gone above and beyond every expectation I had." THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DECIDES TO GIVE. I am eternally grateful and thank you for your kindness and generoisty, Lisa x NB... May the force be with me, I will certainly need something to get me to that finish line!

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Michaela Thompson
01 Nov, 2017

Better late than never, well done. Here's to the next one!!

Shirin Choudhury
18 Oct, 2017

It's a great cause!

Lisa Thompson
17 Oct, 2017

New Tenner for RSVP and Grow Your Tenner!

Bakshi Shemar      Top Donor     
17 Aug, 2017

Great Cause.. step at a time.

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Lisa is fundraising for RSVP (Rape and Sexual Violence Project)

We support people subjected to sexual violence & abuse to thrive & enjoy a future with hope & confid
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