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This May I am taking on a huge challenge of abseiling 100m down the iconic Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth for an amazing cause to help local children in hospital. George's Rockstars was set up in memory of 6 year old George who battled leukaemia from 22 months old.  During his near 5 year battle, he sadly relapsed 4 times and after having all the treatment there was available including high dose chemotherapy, total body and cranial radiotherapy, bone marrow transplant and revolutionary CART T cell therapy, George passed away at home in August 2019, surrounded by his family.
The charity was inspired by George’s experience with music therapy during intensive treatment at Bristol Children’s Hospital. Music therapy was the highlight of George’s week and gave a then 4 year old George a way to express his frustrations and fears of being in isolation in hospital.

Music therapy isn’t widely available in NHS hospitals so George’s family set up the charity to bring music therapy to children in hospital, many of which have serious and/or life limiting illnesses / disabilities and like George, spend too much of their childhood in hospital. They work with children in hospitals across Hampshire bring music and joy to difficult and traumatic times. 


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