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Our pay it forward donation scheme funds our sessions with community groups, providing weekly surf sessions for great local organisations and providing an opportunity many of those joining the sessions wouldn't have. We currently provide sessions for the following community organisations:

The Children's Foundation:
The Children’s Foundation was set up as a charity in 1990 in Newcastle upon Tyne to improve the health and wellbeing of the children and young people. Today we continue to improve the health and well-being of the most vulnerable and marginalised children and young people from birth to 18 in the North East by Making Serious Stuff Fun!
Check out what The Childrens Foundation do here:
Here's what the guys at The Childrens Foundation say about the sessions:
"All of the young people have enjoyed these sessions, even during the bad weather and they have helped them to improve at a difficult task. I know the sessions have helped them to feel more confident, not just in the water and have been a great source of fun and enjoyment, helping their mental wellbeing and providing them with something to look forward to each week. These sessions have also got the young people outside and moving around when they would have otherwise been at home in front of their TVs.
These sessions have helped the young people to feel more confident about trying new things and particularly new sports which should help them in school and in future life, as they may feel more comfortable trying different things and taking on new challenges."

Bright Futures:
Bright Futures are a registered charity working with young women aged 11-25 to give them a brighter future by raising their self-esteem and confidence around a range of issues which affect them. Bright futures provide a range of innovative work with young women within their communities in order to give them safe and interesting things to do on evenings and at weekends.
Check out what Bright Futures do here:
Here's what the guys at Bright Futures said about our sessions:
"Fun and Educational. All staff were amazing with our young women. All Participants reported feeling happier and enjoyed switching off from other issues for the duration of the session."
They were "fun, hard and educational" and made me "feel less stressed in the water"
"It made me stronger and more confident."
"Definitely, I was less stressed when I was in the water."

Family Gateway:
Family Gateway is an award winning charity in the north east, who help families who are living in poverty or disadvantage and struggling to bring up their children on very little money.
Check out what Family Gateway do here:
Here's what the guys at Family Gateway said about our sessions:
"The surf sessions were excellent. I would certainly recommend these surf sessions to other participants. . . I witnessed the family bonding well during the surf sessions. This enabled them to open up more outside of the surf sessions."
Myself and my children really appreciated and loved the surfing sessions. This was an opportunity we wouldn't have had if it wasn't for the pay it forward scheme . . . The kids had fun together and were able to build on their relationships and make memories.""


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