Rachel's 5k Run

A fundraising project by Rachel Cooley

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I started running as a personal challenge. I am training hard and now feel ready to complete my 5km in early January. I've never been a runner as such and in recent years struggled to keep on top of my fitness levels. To assist me with my challenge of running 5Km non-stop, I have used Couch to 5Km app. I started this in October and plan to reach my target very soon. When I started I was breathless are a 1 minute of running. Currently I am now running for 25 minutes however still a little short of my target, however I'm determined and will get there! I hope to encourage and inspire others to do the same. I usually run around the Racecourse, if you see me, do say hello and your very welcome to join me!

Apart from my personal fitness I wanted to use this occasion to raise money for a local initiative.

Elsie's cafe is part of the international movement trying to change the food system to make it equitable and sustainable. Since it opened 3 years ago other cafes have sprung up round Northamptonshire under the Fruitful Abundance umbrella and between them they now rescue between 1 and 2 tonnes of food each week which would otherwise end up in landfill. Apart from being made into delicious meals for everyone who wants to help the project excess food is made available in exchange for a donation of money or time.

I am hoping create awareness of food wastage in Northampton and bring it to the public's attention. My aim is to highlight that food recycle has and does work. Elsie's Café has been a huge success and there are many similar community projects like Elsie's throughout the UK. If you haven't visit Elsie's Café and shop, I recommend it. Also Elsie's does welcome food donations from the public.

Waste not , want not! Please support this wonderful local initiative and make a donation today. Help Elsie's too grow and develop.