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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago and have struggled with pain and fatigue for a long time. This has come with a heavy (no pun intended) emotional toll. Over the last few years I have gained weight due to a combination of comfort eating and lack of energy to exercise consistently. I'm one of those people who will periodically get enthused about losing weight and getting healthier but lose interest after a setback. I now have a very strong incentive to actually stick with losing weight and I hope that doing a fundraiser will help me to stay motivated. I recently saw my GP about some ongoing health issues and to cut a long story short she thinks that I may have endometriosis. I've had an ultrasound, which I'm waiting for the results of but this won't diagnose endo, it will simply rule out anything that can be seen by an ultrasound. The next step is to refer me for a laproscopy under general anaesthetic. If I do have endo this will definitively diagnose it and possibly remove some of the endo gloop which would hopefully relieve some of the pain I've been experiencing. I'm sure you can understand how important this is for me. My problem is the gynaecologist will want me to lose weight before they perform surgery. Realistically I think they will want me to lose at least 2-3 stone so I'm setting my first goal at 2 stone. I want to get started now so that when my first gynae appointment comes through I can say "I've already lost x amount" I've chosen NWC as the recipient for my fundraiser because I work there (and it never hurts to curry favour with the boss!) Throughout the struggles I've had with my health NWC has been a wonderfully supportive employer, truly living to their ethos of women supporting women. I hope this fundraiser can help me stay on track to achieve my goal and help NWC continue its amazing work. Updates here https://wordpress.com/view/rachel432293289.wordpress.com I can't add a link to this page so please copy and paste the address
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Julia Carter
10 Nov, 2018
Keep it up! You’re doing fanbloodytastic
Wez Annison
10 Nov, 2018
Keep up the good work, Rachel. You’re looking amazing. I’ve no doubt you’ll reach your target. Wez xx
Suzy Barlow
25 Sep, 2018
Rachel, you’re bloomin’ awesome! xx
Update from Rachel

2nd Feb 2019 I've just hit the 4 stone mark!! Not done yet though. Let's see if I can make it 5 ?

(Updated posted on February 2, 2019 08:34)
Rachel's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 6 days.
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