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As you know I love a challenge.
I've ran 16 marathons from Oct 2011 to October 2016, ran from Nottingham to East Midlands airport then flew to Dublin and ran to my hometown in 2013 covering 84 miles in 4 days. Last year I ran around my home county over 4 days covering another 70 miles and in total have raised over £60,000 for charities in the UK & I.
I was asked to run The North Pole marathon. At first I laughed saying I never run in the snow in England but then the seed was planted and I kept thinking of it. Approximately 45 people run it every year, mainly men. There are about 4-5 women who sign up annually. To date, only 3 Irish ladies completed it so this is probably the main reason I said yes to such a difficult challenge.

Experian is funding the cost of the trip in April 2017 so I have pledged to raise at least £30,000 for The Heart of Experian Charity Fund.

The Heart of Experian Charity Fund was set up to help small groups and organisations who need our support in tough financial times. We admire these smaller groups for their passion and determination to make a difference and by providing some investment hope to make a difference to them. This charity has been set up so that there are no management fees and funds are distributed every quarter to approximately five local community groups throughout the UK and Ireland.

Projects helped so far - Helping Betel-Bring your Own Bike-Fareshare-Dukes Barn-Evelina Family Trust-Rutland Petanque-Gasworks Dock Partnership-Gro Garden-Haringey Play Association-Communigrow-Literacy Volunteers-Loop de Loop-My Sight-Greening Stevenson Square- Growing Rosendale-The Bait Project-The Enthusiasm Trust-The Selby Trust-Friends of Swanwick Primary-Stonebridge City Farm-Friends of the Flyover-Nottingham Womens Centre-Crossdale Primary-The Reece Jeffrey Foundation-Edale Rise Primary-Notts Hospice and many more.

You can have a look at the challenge online

Thanks so much.