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Reigate Squash Club is delighted to be supporting Stripey Stork as our Charity of the Year.
Stripey Stork supports vulnerable families living in Surrey by providing the essential items they need for their children (from birth up to the age of 18).  With the rising cost of living, many more families are struggling and Stripey Stork's service has never been more needed. 
 The local community donates items that their children have outgrown, including things like cots, buggies, clothing, toys and books. Stripey Stork's team of volunteers ensure that they are clean and safe to pass on.  They take great pride in the condition of the items they pass on, making sure they are the quality that they would want for their own children.
 Stripey Stork receives requests on behalf of families in need from the referral teams who are supporting them. Stripey Stork’s referral partners include family centres, social workers, health professionals, schools and women's refuges.
 To find out more about Stripey Stork please visit their website:  

Reigate Squash Club’s support will help Stripey Stork to continue to be in a position to fulfil each request they receive. Our donations will provide funds to purchase the new items Stripey Stork provide to families, which include new mattresses for moses baskets, cribs and cots, toiletries for babies and children, sanitary product for teenage girls, and new underwear & socks in every clothing pack.
Thank you for your support, it really is very much appreciated! And if you are a UK tax payer, please also remember to add gift aid to make your donation go even further.


Stripey Stork

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What your gift could provide


a new mattress for a donated moses basket plus blanket.


a month's supply of nappies and wipes


a new mattress and protector for a donated cotbed

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