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During the month of March I will be reporting rubbish, fly tipping, graffiti, overflowing litter bins, broken paving slabs etc to the Council & I would like people to sponsor me for the number of reports I make (usually 6 a day) or give a one off donation.

People often complain about the state of the environment, but as I am unable to litter pick  now due to arthritis,  when I walk my dog for an hour most days I can report  the problems. I will keep a tally of the things I report with the Council's reference numbers & post a weekly update.

The money I raise will go to the Weston Favell Foodbank, where I have been a volunteer since it started about eight years ago. Due to Covid the demand for food, toiletries, cleaning products, nappies & baby-food has increased by 300%.

My husband & I are delivering 5 parcels  every  week to people who are unable to get to the Centre. There are 8 other drivers doing similar rounds, in addition to the opening times when people come to collect their parcels themselves.

As more people get made redundant or get into debt, the amount of  goods needed will increase, & those who usually bring in donations, may not be able to continue. Please generously support this vital charity.
Thank you,
The Rubbish Reporter

27th March Update
Bernie Keith kindly interviewed me on Radio Northampton on Thursday. So far I've reported 87 fly-tips, 14 places with broken glass, 9 lots of graffiti, 36 areas of litter, 17 needing leaf clearance, 4 supermarket trolleys, & several highway/footpath defects. My little dog, Lady, comes with me, even sitting on uneven paving slabs while I take a photo. Thank you to all who have donated, a special thanks for £100 from the Weston Favell Centre, where the Foodbank is situated. There's still time to give any amount, even £1, as I appreciate times are tough.

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Lee Mason
26 Mar, 2021

Anonymous donor
24 Mar, 2021

Anonymous donor
21 Mar, 2021

Update from Margaret

On my dog walks during March I reported 91 Fly-tips, 37 areas of Litter, 17 lots of leaves, 14 lots of broken glass,10 lots of graffiti, & 3 faulty footpaths. Sadly my dog Lady died on 30th March.

(Update posted on April 3, 2021 17:15)

Margaret's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 45 days.

Gwyn Pritchard      Top Donor     
07 Mar, 2021

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