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Terrible news!!

I have signed up to run the Hackney Half Marathon on 17th May 2020. I am not a runner but I am highly susceptible to social pressure, so here we are.

I will be dragging myself round to raise money for the charity I volunteer with, KEEN London. You have probably heard me raving about great they are - they do amazing work and it is fantastic to be a part of it 😊

Keen London is the only charity in London that provides one-to-one support at free activity sessions for children with additional needs or disabilities. We do everything from basketball games to dancing and arts and crafts, and the kids really love it.

You can check out the KEEN London website here to find out more: www.keenlondon.org and they also have a YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAOBAInhVcKlgggjqi8b2g

Below is video from the KEEN London 16th birthday party that sums up their good work, and also features me in a lovely hat that I made myself.

When I told my Nan about this event she said: "Oh dear. Do you really think you're up to it?" So that's a good start. Apparently KEEN volunteers who are running in 2020 will be required to wear a cape, so at least I can use that to hide my face while I am lapped by sporty pensioners. 

I promise to at least crawl over the finish line though, so if you'd be able to donate a couple of quid for KEEN I'd really appreciate it. There is a long waiting list of children who want to join and it would be great if we were able to meet the needs of more of them. 

Thanks so much for reading and if you are able to donate I would be extremely grateful. Cheers!  

Kadhim Shubber
17 May, 2020

Anonymous donor
15 May, 2020

From Jess Woolfie

Joseph Clegg
13 May, 2020

Update from Alix

Soooo, the Hackney Half has been postponed due to the dreaded virus. BUT I am still training so that I can be ready for whenever it happens! Please donate if you can, thank you!

(Update posted on April 27, 2020 10:57)

Alix's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 150 days.

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