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23 years ago the world changed forever.. Nicola, a daughter, sister & one of my best friends sadly passed away. She was beautiful, so popular, funny, warm & caring. We had so much fun growing up & I miss her very much. From that day I said to myself that I would try and live my life to the fullest because Nicola was no longer able to...

Running the Marathon was always on my ‘list’ but when I entered the ballot this year I never really thought I would get in, but what happened? I got in first time.

I feel really lucky to be given this opportunity & I wanted to run for a charity that meant a lot to me. After some research I found a local charity called Solve it. This was set up in 1988 by a Mum who lost her son in the same way as Nicola. The charity works to educate people about the consequences of NPS (former legal highs) & solvent abuse.

If you would consider sponsoring me, myself & the charity will really appreciate it xx

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Anonymous donor
02 May, 2019
Anonymous donor
30 Apr, 2019
Lucy Titley
30 Apr, 2019

Wow well done! And a great cause. XXx

Update from Sarah

Wow what can I say. What an amazing day. Official chip time 5:01 but the actual marathon distance 4:54. Thank you all so much for your sponsors. Think we will end on around £2000 xx

(Update posted on April 30, 2019 09:02)
Catherine Maryon      Top Donor     
27 Apr, 2019

Thank you so much Sarah for doing this and choosing Solve It as your charity. Will be following you, good luck tomorrow!

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Sarah is fundraising for Solve It VSA, now working as part of Re-Solv

Solve It, now working as Re-Solv- Substance misuse/abuse- including Solvents - Enabling informed cho
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Virgin Money London Marathon 2019. One of the most prestigious marathons in the World.


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