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Sea Company is a not for profit organisation working hand in hand with Shields Surf School. Its aim is to provide access to the ocean and surf therapy to military veterans in order to help promote excellent physical and mental wellbeing throughout the veteran community.

We conduct 6-8 week access courses to introduce veterans to the world of surfing and its benefits to the mind and body.

A weekly club is available for veterans who have conducted the access course to continue to build on the skills they've learnt and improve further their relationship with the sea and surfing.

"Thoughts and emotions are like waves, you can't stop them coming but you can choose which ones to surf!"


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What your gift could provide


Provides 1 week club membership for 1 veteran


Provides 5 weeks club membership for 1 veteran


Allows 1 veteran to conduct an 8 week surf access course

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Sea Company Veterans' Surf Therapy

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