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A fundraising project by Sheleagh Llewellyn

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After a life time of thinking myself pretty much incapable of running at at all, a friend encouraged me to join the Park Run couch to 5K. After about 3 weeks I was running for 8 minutes and I was really proud of myself. Once I realised that I could push myself beyond my comfort zone I started to get the running bug. It took about 12 weeks to get to 5K and last month I ran in the Lisbon half marathon to raise funds for Cwm Taf Care & Repair.

I have chosen to raise funds for Cwm Taf Care & Repair who are tackling some of the most severe levels of poverty experienced by older people in Wales. We all look forward to a healthy retirement but with reduced income and housing that is cold, damp or hard to heat it can be a struggle.

A society can be judged by the way we look after the young, the elderly and the vulnerable. Freedom to choose to live independently is one of the keys to happiness in older life. Care & Repair agencies provide a Wales wide coverage helping 40,000 older people every year to keep there homes warm, safe and secure. The impact of this practical service on happiness and well being is immeasurable.

Cwm Taf Care & Repair provides practical assistance to over 1,000 older people every year, making sure that older people get the help they need to stay living independently, to reduce the risk of falling in the home, to protect from cowboy builders and to fight fuel poverty which causes around 2,000 excess winter deaths in Wales every year.

So please make a donation and help Care & Repair Cwm Taf to improve homes and change lives for older people living in the South Wales valleys.