Smutathon 2021 for Gendered Intelligence!

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On November 6th, our team of erotica and sex writers (plus an array of friends and guests) will spend 12 hours chained to their laptops (metaphorically speaking) for the 5th annual Smutathon fundraising event! 

This year we'll be raising money for two charities that support trans people, advocate for their quality of life, and connects them to the resources they need to survive and thrive. Importantly, both charities are also run by trans people.

If you're in the UK, please use this page to donate to Gendered Intelligence. If you're in North America, please visit our other fundraising page (links on Twitter and the Smutathon site) and donate to Trans Lifeline. If you're somewhere else entirely, we'll leave you to pick between the two! 

Thank you so much for supporting our campaign :)


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Smutathon 2021

12-hour writing event to raise money for good causes

Gendered Intelligence

London | Community Support & Development

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