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We run various social groups in Prudhoe, Hexham and Haydon Bridge in buildings which are suitable for everyone. When needed we also provide transport to and from the groups on specially adapted buses so that no one has to be excluded. The groups participate in different activities depending on the their members interests but most importantly volunteers and staff encourage our members to actively particpate within these groups.

Why they need our service

The project is needed because people in West Northumberland with learning disabilities often find themselves socially isolated because of the rural nature of the area. In addition to this public transport in the area is poor and often unsuitable for those with complex needs. Our Social activities are needed because it allows our members to socialise and make new friends in a safe and secure environment.

Plan and expected results

The groups aim to build members self-confidence and create and support friendships between members. We also hope to minimise social isolation in our members.


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Social Activities

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