Escape from Alcatraz!

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I wanted to attempt this 2 years ago to raise money for a charity very close to my heart, however due to other injuries I was unable to. HOWEVER, I AM DETERMINED TO COMPLETE THIS CHALLENGE AND GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO SPACE WHO HAVE HELPED ME SO MUCH SO I AM TRYING TO DO THIS AGAIN... During the months of September-December 2017 l will be attempting to ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ by swimming 4,891 metres in a local swimming pool. This is to replicate the length of the route taken from the hazardous currents of the San Francisco Bay from Alcatraz to the freedom of the Golden Gate Bridge in the US, the journey Frank Lee Morris and two brothers, Clarence and John Anglin, took to escape from Alcatraz in 1962. Beginning of 2014 I had a fall and damaged my back, I received a report from a medical expert confirming that the injury and chronic pain I am suffering will be permanent and he does not expect my back to make any improvement in the future. As a result of this I am in constant pain and have very limited mobility relying on the use of a wheelchair to be able to get around. Since this injury I have had extra injuries including breaking a bone in my neck. As well as the restrictions these injuries cause me I also suffer with Fibromyalgia, M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Sleep Apnea. Being able to swim is something I am still able to do and gives me some freedom. Therefore, the challenge to ‘escape from Alcatraz’ seems quite appropriate, to escape from the limits of my broken body and swim to freedom in the open water!! However, this is not an easy challenge as it may sound as I also suffer with chronic breathing problems and I am unable to exert myself too much which is why I am pledging to do this challenge during the months of September-December 2017. I want to be able to give something back for some of the help I have received from the Space project over the years and I am determined not to let my health problems stop me doing this.
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Tracey Fayers
09 Oct, 2017
Good Luck Kirsty x Love you lots xx Tracey & Chris
Anne Dupre
26 Sep, 2017
Good luck
Anonymous donor
21 Sep, 2017
Determined lady!
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