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We support a small core group of young people between 11 and 18 years who meet weekly after school in term time to create and develop a termly magazine for children and young people's views on a variety of topics, which is distributed across Harborough District schools and youth groups as well as across the county of Leicestershire. Beyond the core group membership, contributions and views are received from a further 30 plus young people, and there is an estimated readership of over 1,000.

Why they need our service

Speak Out is a magazine created by young people for young people. There are few opportunities for children and young people to have their views recognised and shared, which can lead to dis-empowerment and disengagement from the wider community and democratic structures. Negative stereotyping of children and young people is easily internalised by them, with negative effects on their confidence and aspirations. Speak Out offers an accessible form of peer led information sharing.

Plan and expected results

The magazine offers children and young people to read about the views and experiences of their peers, and to contribute articles, pictures, jokes, and quizzes. Seeing their contributions included has a hugely positive effect on children and young people, increasing their self esteem, and encouraging their further engagement. The core group includes young people with a wide range of different challenges and abilities and wider contributions from school SEND student are positively encouraged.



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