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We have been busy over the past few years developing a psychological model for people in suicidal crisis. It's informed by almost 30 years of combined lived experience of suicide and experience working face to face with people who at high risk of ending their lives. The model underpins everything we do and design at Men's Minds Matter. It's also used by NHS crisis resolutions home treatment teams in the NHS where it helping to save lives. Our web app will make our intervention available to more people.

At MMM we are busy designing a suite of interventions which we believe will help save lives. The money we raise for this project goes straight into developing content for our web app. We are working towards this incrementally meaning we're going to do it regardless. However, money raised to fund this project will mean we get it done faster and can go further.

Below are the estimates for the whole project.

Diagnostic - This is the first stage to take our app from the ideation stage and into a costed project plan which can be used to find further investment or funding  Estimated charge £2,000+ for this stage.

Design - Following the Diagnostic phase we will look to flesh out our high level solution design into wireframes, designs and potentially a clickable prototype. Depending on requirements, the complexity of the application we have been quoted in the region of £5,000-£20,000 for this stage.

Development - This is where the application is built to the specification and cost estimates laid out in the previous design stage. At this point it is difficult to give even a high level estimate but realistically you'd be looking at least £30,000 - £150000 to build an application across both iOS and Android.

Deployment - Following development of the application we will deploy it to both the App Store and Play Store as well as allowing time for any training required for staff.

Ongoing Improvement/Maintenance - cost between £50000 - £200000


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