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Meet Hokey and Hopper, two determined and adorable Pro Dogs Direct rescues.

Hokey came to us early in 2021.  He had been abandoned at the vets on the assumption that he would be put to sleep - his vet got in touch and asked if we would try to save him - of course we said yes!  Hokey has Cerebellar Hypoplasia a disease affecting the cerebellum and the part of the brain that helps modulate movement, it means he cannot control his balance or his coordination.  As a result Hokey finds it hard to walk in a straight line and stay upright.  Despite this, he's a happy and independent soul who has a great quality of life and is much loved. He is one of our long term resident foster dogs as we could not find a home that was able to manage his needs.  He is a Pro Dogs permanent resident because of his needs.

Tiny pup Hopper has come to us more recently with an as yet undiagnosed issue with his legs - again this makes getting about difficult for him, he has had x rays and will soon see the orthopedic specialists.  Since Hopper arrived he and Hokey have been inseparable. Hopper also faced being euthanised, we could never give up until we know what his issues are and how it will affect his life going forward.  He too may be wonky and wobbly but this does not mean his life should be of any less value.

On the 29th May they will be taking part in Woof & Walk, our charity fundraiser, although, to be honest for them it will be more of a woof and wobble.  These two pups are blissfully happy and full of beans, they don't realise they're 'different' so they don't need pity but it would be amazing if you could celebrate their determination and character by sponsoring them and help us raise the vital funds we need to save more lives like theirs and to help cover the future costs for Hopper.  Thank you x

Jeanine Palmer
31 May, 2022

Louise Kirk      Top Donor     
03 May, 2022

Gorgeous dogs xx well done you for saving them Xx

Anonymous donor
02 May, 2022
Update from Hokey

The bouncy boys are still hoping that they can make their target. Hopper will benefit directly from your sponsorship, if you cannot sponsor him please share his page for support <3 Thank you from the

(Update posted on April 27, 2022 14:11)
Louise Kirk      Top Donor     
03 May, 2022

Gorgeous dogs xx well done you for saving them Xx

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