The Principle Trust 2016 Million Metre Challenge

A fundraising project by Million Metres

of £10,000

days left

Donations not possible

Group Fundraisers are:
Paul Garstang (Row): 0m
Bobby Garlington (Row): 0m
Frazer Gowland (Run): 0m
Clive King (Combined sports): 0m
Krisztina Kovacs (Combined sports): 0m
Fiona Lazenby (Run): 0m
Aimee McNulty (Combined sports): 0m
Neil Proctor (Combined sports): 0m
Liam Fink (Combined sports): 0m
Beka Banks (Combined sports): 0m
Kalpana Durga (Walking): 0m
Yong Duan (Running): 0m
Clare Campbell (Steps - 2.5m): 0m
Jacqueline Walsh (Combined): 0m
Gemma Grant (Combined): 112,630m
Joanna Pawlak (Combined): 0m

Distances to be updated the beginning of each month.

The aim of the Personal Challenge is to row, run, cycle, swim or even walk a minimum of 1,000,000 (1 million) metres starting in January 2016 and completing before Christmas 2016. While completing your personal challenge you will be raising funds for The Principle Trust

Established in 2010, The Principle Trust provides hassle free holidays for disadvantaged children and their families, particularly those with additional difficulties such as long-term illness, violence, depression, disability or overcrowded and inadequate housing. As well as being hassle free the holidays are also free of charge. By providing these children with holidays it gives them the chance to have fun and create some happy memories.

Already, the Trust has raised sufficient funds to invest in three fantastic holiday homes at the Haven Holiday Park at Marton Mere, Blackpool. These homes are sited in a lively, well-established holiday complex, just 3 miles from all the fun and excitement of Blackpool. They are available all year round, for those in most need of enjoyment, activities and excitement.

To register and participate in the challenge please email:
You will then be added to this page and can start raising funds.