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The Toy Library stay and play sessions run weekly on Thursdays in Vallis School from 9.30am to 12pm, and on Wednesdays (in term time) in Frome Library from 1pm to 3pm. Families can borrow toys at both sessions and can return toys to Frome Library whenever it is open. Membership allows families to borrow toys - it costs just £20 per family per year (£10 for those on benefits). Stay and play sessions cost £1 per child and include crafts, singing/story time and healthy snacks! Parents can also access parenting support at stay and play sessions.

Why they need our service

The Toy Library allows local families to borrow from a large range of good quality toys and games, to play with in their own homes. This encourages families and friends to spend time together playing, reinforcing family bonds. It also reduces the need to buy lots of toys, saving families money and reducing waste! Toy Library stay and play sessions provide a friendly, safe place for families to play together and meet others, helping young children learn life lessons like sharing, and where parents can access family support.

Plan and expected results

The Toy Library is all about enabling families to enjoy the benefits of play! The service helps to bring families together to reduce isolation, supports children's early learning and helps develop creative imaginations. We support over 100 families a year and help to develop their health and well being through this service. 


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Charity in Frome offers support and activities for disadvantaged families, promoting social inclusion. Services include early years support, holiday activities, and a children's festival.

What your gift could provide


pays for us to sterilise our toys after each stay and play session


helps us to renew our play resources and buy additional toys


pays for our experienced parenting advisor to run one stay and play session

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