Vicki's Train to run a 5k in 9 Weeks challenge

A fundraising project by Vicki Thomas

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As many of you know I support the Thames Valley Kings Wheelchair basketball club for 5 very special reasons. Lou, Grant, Reece, Liam & Faith!

These people mean so very much to me and Wheelchair Basketball is a huge part of their life's. All of the kids play and are very talented at the game. (Ok I am biased because I love them but they really are!) The sport really is a family affair and Grant has qualified as a coach and Lou drives her family around the country to play a sport that has become a passion for them all (even if Lou won't admit it, she loves it!)

I have trained as a table official this year to help support the club and my favourite family!

So I have decided that in 9 weeks I will run a 5k for The Thames Valley Kings Wheelchair Basketball Club to help keep the club running. For those that know me I don't run! This is a big deal for me and I would be grateful if you spare a little donation to motivate me to train and run this 5k but also support the fantastic work of the club that is run solely by volunteers,

Thank you