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Voices supported me through difficult times, I am now a volunteer. I would like to give something back to show that I've learned to take care of myself to be healthier happier and back to the real me...... The FREEDOM PROGRAMME is an education for all. Domestic abuse Impacts hugely on a victim, their children, friends and family, It really is huge I cannot stress that enough.......BUT Recovery can and does happen..... Voices was set up by a group of women who had attended the freedom programme in Bath as I have myself in the past. Voices have relentlessly worked hard to set up a service and support victims of domestic abuse in many ways from one on one support to FREEDOM PROGRAMMES and RECOVERY TOOLKIT PROGRAMMES along with holistic recovery support, I would like to raise funds for this charity to be able to continue the holistic support therapies available such as Reflexology Art and Design which supports addressing trauma and recovering from abuse to live safe and happy lives. And now the final bit .... So I am going to lose 5 stone 8lbs Please donate overall by the stone by the half stone or even braver by the POUND !!! I will keep you posted please share far and wide Thank you so much in advance
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Mikaila Tobin      Top Donor     
27 Jun, 2017
Good luck Michelle, you can do it!! 🙂Xx
Kirsten Melbourne
26 Jun, 2017
Good Luck Michelle! You can do it!
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Michelle is fundraising for VOICES - Domestic Abuse Charity

VOICES is a Bath-based charity founded by women who have experience of domestic abuse
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