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Surrounding The Hawthorns there are families and single people struggling to buy food and other essentials. For people on low incomes, a sudden crisis can mean going hungry. Covid 19 has been a disaster on top of an already growing crisis.

Smethwick Foodbank supports local people in crisis by providing emergency food, toiletries and other essentials. Here is a quick look at just how drastically their figures have increased this year compared to 2019 (Please note this figures are only April-September).

2020 figures = 9,205 people (5,641 adults and 3,564 children)

2019 figures = 2,717 people (1,594 adults and 1,125 children)

A HUGE increase and this will get worse.

This initiative is encouraging Baggies fans to boycott PPV over the coming weeks and instead donate all or some of the money to the local foodbank.

You can find out more about Smethwick Foodbank here - 

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Dave Haslam
06 Dec, 2020

Daniel Hewitt
06 Dec, 2020

Simon Borbas
28 Nov, 2020

Henryk Piotrowski      Top Donor     
25 Oct, 2020

Keep up the brilliant work.

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