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From this moment on I'd like to be known as The Windmill (Like a method actor - I need to go Total Windmill)

Windmills are towers of strength that generate tremendous energy, in it!

My mum does not share this enthusiasm around boxing she reckons I'm just doing it because Chris Haslam told me too.

She's Probably right and I have learned very quickly that getting punched in the nose really hurts.

Even so this is gonna be a big life experience and I'm all for that I'm also dead chuffed to be scrapping for a brilliant local charity. To make it even more interesting I'm taking on a mate for bragging rights. So Danny the Looping Left hook Hooper just to let you know I have been studying a video of you sparring and I plan to 'No More Nails' a a Whoopee Cushion to the right ear side of my handguard. Either that or I may have to unleash The Total Windmill.

The Riff Raff Society always supports great local causes and for this event they are sending Madison Shields (5) who is having Kidney cancer treatment on a respite holiday and are hoping to upgrade the car of a Kayden Simpson (7) who has severe Cerebral Palsy

if you can donate and support me I'd be well chuffed

I hope to see you on the night

If not the charity are looking at live streaming this event


De Windmill