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Your Local Pantry is a community food store that was set up in 2019. 
As a food co-operative, our collaborative work with Fareshare means we are able to provide fresh food to people on a low income, something that has had a very positive impact on the local community. Offering individuals and families a varied and balanced diet, while also preventing food waste, is something we are passionate about.
For a modest weekly fee of £5, members are entitled to access good quality food with dignity and can choose which items they'd like to buy. 

Food is a universal human right and it is awful to know that there are people living in the local area who do not have enough food. By working at The Pantry, volunteers and staff are helping to change that. All of our volunteers and members are local people making a real difference to their community. 


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What your gift could provide


5 boxes of cereal


20 cartons of long life milk


towards fresh fruit and vegetables free for members

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Your Local Pantry: Smethwick

£500 raised since December 2020

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