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Brevio is a not-for-profit UK Social Enterprise and B-corp certified organisation dedicated to serving the greater good. Our mission is to simplify and streamline the grant-seeking and giving process for non-profits and grant-makers, revolutionising the sector and making a lasting impact.

At Brevio we know how precious your time is, and how difficult grant applications can be for both sides. That’s why we make it easy for non-profits and grant-makers to find each other. 

For non-profits, grant-seeking becomes effortless. We harness real-time data and sophisticated matching algorithms to deliver personalised matches to live grants, tailored to your specific cause. Say goodbye to endless searching and filtering – Brevio does the hard work for you, presenting you with quality opportunities that align with your funding requirements.

Grant-makers also benefit from Brevio's data-led matching approach. We provide high-quality applications that meet eligibility criteria, ensuring you can trust the organisations you support. Seamlessly manage applications through existing systems or leverage Brevio's highly customisable process – the choice is yours. Plus, our industry-leading due diligence service, trusted by top grant-making organisations, ensures smarter and more secure grant-making decisions.

With Brevio, you can make a meaningful difference to your beneficiaries by finding funding opportunities which you know you are eligible for. 

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Facebook: @hellobrevio 

Twitter: @hellobrevio

LinkedIn: @Brevio 

A Good Thing CIC runs an online platform that allows businesses (of any size and of any type) to quickly and easily give things away to local charities – meaning less to landfill and more to a good cause.

The idea is super simple: businesses are generating too much waste, while many charities are in need of more resources. A Good Thing connects the two.

It’s really easy for charities and other not-for-profit organisations to get involved: it takes 30 seconds to register for a free account here and then you can immediately begin to request any items that are on offer nearby.

Businesses can – and do! – give away literally anything they no longer need. Laptops, plastic bags,candles, stationery, gardening equipment, end-of-line clothing, packaging, crafting materials and half-used tins of paint have all been successfully donated to local charities via the platform…alongside the more traditional items like furniture and IT equipment.

The team at A Good Thing love to see things being saved from landfill. Companies can make such a difference to their communities through supporting the wonderful work of local charities.

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Connect with A Good Thing socially:

Facebook: @agoodthing

Twitter: @agoodthing_uk