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Registered charity Trowbridge Future facilitate and hold free, weekly youth sessions for young people across the town, but unfortunately we have now simply run out of space! We have worked hard to resolve this and we are looking to lease a town centre dedicated space which will allow us to facilitate more young people, but we have one problem ... We desperately need more funds!

We are seeking local businesses in the Trowbridge area to have a little fun with us and to each try and raise £100 for our new youth provision by the 31st October 2023. This could be as imaginative or creative as you like and you and your colleagues could help us to raise funds for our young people and our new provision by hosting a bake sale, going on a sponsored walk, rattling a collection tin around your office, having a fancy dress/dress down day, climbing a mountain or even throwing yourselves out of an aeroplane …We strongly recommend taking a parachute obviously!

All businesses taking part in our challenge, will have until midnight on 31st October 2023 to raise £100 but please don't worry, if you raise more. We wont mind! If your business does not want to participate in the challenge, but would like to make a donation, that would gratefully appreciated too. There's no pressure!

Results will be announced on the 1st November 2023 via our social media pages.

Any donations received, will allow us to continue our important work with young people, provide fun, educational activities, staff training and help us with overhead costs of a new lease.


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What your gift could provide


A new board game for young people to play


2 Sessions for befriending for a young person in need


an activity workshop for a group of young people.

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