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Trans. Joy. Is. Real. Yup. Repeat that to yourself. At The Kite Trust, fun is pretty high up the list of our priorities and joy is to be found in all sorts of activities. Whether it’s found in the bottom of a tub of glitter glue, pelting down a zip line, or in those cookies baked by your new friend for the group – trans joy is there. 

The Kite Trust support LGBTQ+ young people across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough – but over 90% of those taking part in our activities are transgender, non-binary or exploring their gender in some other awesome and creative way. But us gender expansive folks have been facing a lot of attacks on our healthcare, on being supported in education, and even in the streets lately. It’s been exhausting. That’s why we’re bringing you our new campaign #TransJoyIsReal. We’ve got a message to spread and you can be part of it too.

The Kite Trust provides 10 – yes TEN - youth groups for trans and other LGBTQ+ youth each week. Ten spaces for laughter. Ten spaces for friendship. Ten spaces for joy! Not to mention all the other events (like our family Meet & Eats) and spaces (like Cambridgeshire LGBTQ+ Centre in Ely). That's how we’re pretty darn confident that #TransJoyIsReal – we're seeing it on a daily basis.   

We want to spread joy for as many trans people as possible right now – and who doesn’t love a little bit of joyful post! There may be stickers, there may be postcards, there may be other messages and treats included... We're sending out these packages to any trans folks who request them.

If you’re an ally: Please help us make this happen! Each package costs us around £5 to make and send – can you cover the costs of one, two, or more? It’s easy to donate right here. Any additional funds raised above the costs of the campaign will go towards other joyful activities at The Kite Trust.  


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One joyful package sent to a trans person in the UK


Five joyful packages sent to trans people in the UK


A hour's support session with a youth worker for an LGBTQ+ young person

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