Womankind Grapplethon Fundraisers


Artemis BJJ Club (Bristol Brazilian jiu jitsu) are running a GrappleThon on 9th/10th March, through which they are fundraising for Womankind! More information can be found here: https://www.artemisbjj.com/grapplethon2019/


The money raised through the GrappleThon will contribute towards our provision of free counselling for women with mental health problems who are on benefits or low incomes. It will also contribute towards the cost of training volunteers for our new Instant Messaging extension to our Helpline which we will be launching soon. E.g. £3,000 would enable us to offer 4 women 6 months of free counselling.


Womankind focuses on specific disadvantaged groups of women with little or no access to community mental health services. Specific services have been developed for Deaf and hard of hearing women; refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced trauma, abuse and exploitation; Transgender women; survivors of rape, sexual and/or domestic abuse; and isolated women with enduring mental health problems. Our counselling services and Helpline are in great demand and funding is in short supply!