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Babbasa is a social enterprise based in the heart of St Paul's, Bristol. We believe that though talent is evenly distributed across the globe, opportunities are not.

We support underrepresented young people aged 16-30 to achieve their aspirations in education, employment and enterprise, and also support businesses to become more inclusive workplaces - all with the aim of creating a fairer city, and reducing the inequality in Bristol.

Through our youth empowerment programmes we bring together a mix of soft skills training, mentoring schemes, career-oriented events, and targeted recruitment support. These programmes are tailored to each young person's needs to help them acquire confidence, develop skills, build social capital, and attain career-oriented experience at their own pace.

Why we do this

We do this because Bristol is very much a tale of two cities. Despite being the economic powerhouse of the West of England, not all its citizens share in this success. Research shows Bristol is the 7th worst of 348 districts in England & Wales for black and ethnic minority communities to live and thrive.

It has 41 areas in the most deprived 10% in England, and an ethnic employment gap which is twice the national average. The city’s inequality disproportionately affects those from low-income and minoritised communities, reducing their chances of achieving their potential.

And these inequalities have only got worse since the pandemic.

Our impact

Since we were established in 2013 we have supported over 4,000 young people to achieve their career aspirations. 

What your gift could provide


pays for Babbasa to find, onboard and refer a young person for mental health support


pays for Babbasa to provide an intensive progression support for 1x young person over 12 weeks


pays for Babbasa to provide an intensive progression support for 10x young people over 12 weeks

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