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The Baobab Centre is a therapeutic community providing psychotherapy and practical support to children, adolescents and young adults who are young survivors of extreme violence, trafficking or rape and who have been compelled to leave their own country to seek safety in exile.Most are alone in the UK having lost parents and siblings in war and political violence. All live with profound trauma. The Baobab Centre aims to reduce their loneliness and isolation and rebuild their lives so they can participate in their new society. Currently we have over 60 beneficiaries. It is a testament to Baobab's success that all our beneficiaries participate in education or in paid or voluntary work. With your help, these shattered lives can be rebuilt.

Why the community needs us
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What your gift could provide


pays the public transport fares for a young person to attend therapy


pays for the roomhire for one of our fortnightly music workshops


pays for a group worker to organize 1 group psychotherapy session

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