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"Enabling the Arts as the dialogue to assist the development of a more peaceful, equal and intercultural society free from racism & sectarianism."

Why the community needs us
A more peaceful & healthy society, leading to a better quality of life for all. Through a diverse team of Artists and Peace Soldiers we design and facilitate innovative creative projects & solutions that strengthen community relations, nurture peace processes, heal trauma and promote interaction between different cultures through diversity and global education.

Our impact on the community

What your gift could provide


a shopping voucher for those helping us deliver projects who are also seeking refuge


access support for musicians artists at risk resettlement scheme


purchase of arts materials and music accessories for people in asylum seeking status

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Plant a Tree For You And Me (Zambia)

£222.5 raised since June 2024

Musician Artists at Risk Resettlement Scheme

£82.5 raised since June 2022


£3.20k raised since August 2021


£0 raised since August 2016