Christopher's (Potential) Charity Beard Shave

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Hi Factorians!

Get your wallets, purses and bank cards ready as Christopher Souto has agreed to let the BCoE decide if the beard should stay or go if we can raise £750...

This will be in support of Beyond Skin, a local charity based in Belfast who operate through a diverse team of Artists and Peace Soldiers to design and facilitate innovative creative projects & solutions that strengthen community relations, nurture peace processes, heal trauma and promote interaction between different cultures through diversity and global education.

When: 29th October (Belfast October Huddle)

Donation: Suggestion of £5

This event is Gift Aid Eligible.

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Factor Engage Committee

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Sabrina Brennan
23 Oct, 2020

Save the beard 👍

Rosemary Keegan
21 Oct, 2020

Garrett Cullen
21 Oct, 2020

It has got to go!

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Factor is fundraising for Beyond Skin

Security in Diversity - Creative Innovators in Peacebuilding
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